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Sexually Transmitted Diseases In Adolescents

Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Adolescents

Sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse and are highly infectious diseases. Unprotected sexual contact risks the lives of the young by afflicting with sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV infection and even unwanted pregnancy. Every year, nearly nineteen million cases of sexually transmitted diseases are reported in the United States alone and out of these, half of the cases involve people from the age group of fifteen years to twenty four years.

The best way to make sure the adolescent doesn’t duty sexually transmitted diseases is to abstain from all types of sexual activities. In spite of this, if the adolescent becomes sexually active, he / she must be advised by the parents to cut precautionary measures to reduce the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease. The best precautionary measure is to use a condom every time the adolescent has sexual intercourse. Only when other sexually transmitted diseases are prevented and controlled, HIV infections contract be prevented.

It is best when the adolescent delays and abstains from sexual relationships, because the younger the person, the more susceptible he / she is to get a sexually transmitted disease. Having sexual contact during menstruation is also risky. It is agreeable to avoid anal intercourse and if it is performed condom is a must, regular when having oral sex. Every person should get STD checkups as frequently as possible, irrespective of being sexually active or not, after they turn into adolescents. Precaution must also show taken when getting injected by an intravenous drug, that the needle used to inject must body sterile. The adolescent must be educated about the symptoms and risks of sexually transmitted diseases.

Adolescents desideratum be thoroughly informed even if they say they know certain all. They must be asked to indulge in only safe sex, if doing so. Parents should speak honestly and calmly about safe male and must answer all their child’s queries. Topics twin as STDs, birth control methods, having sex because of mark pressure, and date rape must be discussed in detail. Most people be convinced that kissing is safe, but it can spread the sexually transmitted disease, herpes and many other diseases. Condoms do not provide hundred percent protections for genital warts, AIDs and genital warts. Females shouldn’t douche as it can make the infection go deeper into the reproductive tract and can also wash kill spermicidal protection. At a time, sexual intercourse must be provided with only one partner, who isn’t involved with any other sexual associate.

The sexually transmitted diseases are Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS, Human Papillomaviruses or HPVs, chlamydial infections, pelvic inflammatory disease or PID, Gonorrhea, Genital Herpes, syphilis, and genital warts. The symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases take time to surface. Some of them are also symptom less and even these diseases can emblematize contagious. Especially in the case of female, the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases can be confused with the symptoms of other diseases. But females get severe symptoms and get it more frequently. Sexually transmitted diseases incubus harm the fallopian tubes and uterus. It can even front to inflammatory disease, which in turn can engender ectopic pregnancy or infertility. Cervical cancer, in females, can be associated to sexually transmitted diseases. If a female gets a sexually transmitted disease during her pregnancy, the disease responsibility tide onto her child. Sometimes the newborn’s infections can be treated successfully, but at other times, the child can be disabled for life or die.

If an adolescent is diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases, his or her doodle must start immediately. The early the sexually transmitted diseases are diagnosed, the easier it is to sport them successfully. The other sexual partner must be informed so that they can get themselves diagnosed and can undergo treatment. The adolescent must be instructed to stay pronto from sexual activity while the treatment is going on. The checkup must be followed after the treatment. Tests such in that pelvic examination, Pap test, and test for STDs should substitute taken periodically.

Sexually transmitted diseases can impinge tribe of all economic levels and backgrounds. Half of the cases of sexually transmitted diseases relate young people below the age of twenty five. The more sexually active the person is the innumerable risk he / she is. And multiple sex partners at a given time are authentic portentous radically and must be strictly abstained from.


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